Veterinary Care for Animals Planning Overseas Journeys

Veterinary Care for Animals Planning Overseas Journeys

  • Helping a distressed dog in labour

    If you have a pregnant dog who is due to give birth you'll want to work out the best ways to support them through this exciting time. However, while most labours go smoothly, in some cases a dog may get distressed in labour and need some extra support. Here are some tips to help you identify troublesome issues in labour and give your dog the best support.  Stalled labour Labour in dogs usually progresses reasonably quickly.

  • Could Your Cat Have Ear Mites?

    Parasitic ear mites are contagious, and your cat only has to come into contact with an infected cat to become a host. If ear mites are left untreated, they can begin to colonise in other parts of your cat's body. Additionally, ear mites can make your cat's ears feel so itchy they will scratch until they damage the inner ear, which can impair their hearing. Here's an overview of the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment approach for ear mites in cats:

  • Epilepsy In Dogs Explained

    As a neurological condition, epilepsy can alter your dog's consciousness and cause them to experience seizures. There's not always a clear reason when a dog develops epilepsy, but some breeds, including springer spaniels, golden retrievers and Labradors, seem to be particularly prone to developing this illness. When your dog starts having seizures, it can be distressing for both you and them even though the seizures tend to last for only a few minutes, but understanding the condition can help you feel calmer during seizure episodes.

  • Managing your cat's weight with vet support

    As the general population has gotten heavier, so has the world's cats. Extra weight has detrimental effects on a cat's health including a higher rate of diabetes, a higher strain on the joints and a higher rate of fatty liver disease. Here are some ways to help your cat manage their weight.  Cat food, not people food Cats are naturally carnivores and they are happiest and healthiest on a diet high in protein and animal fat.

  • Options to Keep Your Cat's Dental Health in Order

    As our cats are loyal and valued members of the family, it's important that we keep their teeth in great, clean condition. With the lifespan of domestic cats increasing with better care and attention, we need to put effort into keeping their teeth healthy for longer now than in the past. Dental bacteria can travel through the bloodstream, reaching other organs and creating serious and life threatening issues for your cat in addition to causing general discomfort when eating and bad breath.

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    Veterinary Care for Animals Planning Overseas Journeys

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