Veterinary Care for Animals Planning Overseas Journeys

Veterinary Care for Animals Planning Overseas Journeys

  • 3 Puppy Training Secrets

    The arrival of a lovely little puppy into your family home can be an exciting time. Puppy training is essential for ensuring that your dog grows up to be a well-behaved family member. This blog post discusses four secrets for successful puppy training. Follow these tips, and your dog will soon be happy and obedient. Read on to discover more. Start the training as early as possible Puppies are excitable balls of energy and curiosity, which means they can be a handful if they're not properly trained.

  • Protect Your Pets: What To Do If Your Pet Is Bitten By A Snake

    If you have pets, and they spend any time outdoors, you need to be concerned about snake bites. You might think that snakes aren't an issue since the temperatures are dropping, but that's not the case. In fact, snakes are more likely to be active between the months of October through April. That's when temperatures are at their warmest in Australia. If your pet does get bitten by a snake, you need to take action as quickly as possible.

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Veterinary Care for Animals Planning Overseas Journeys

When you have a dog or a cat, they become a treasured part of the family, and you don't want to leave them at any cost. This is true even if you move or travel abroad. Hi, my name is Katie, and I traveled with my dog for nearly 10 years before his passing one year ago. I loved every moment we had together, but I also learned a lot of important things about the type of veterinary care travelling animals need. If you want to learn about veterinary care or tips for travelling animals or just in general, I invite you to explore my blog.