Veterinary Care for Animals Planning Overseas Journeys

Veterinary Care for Animals Planning Overseas Journeys

Can You Harm Your Dog By Grooming Them Yourself?

by Sophie Knight

As with humans, regular grooming is essential for the health of your dog and can help prevent certain health problems, such as bacterial skin infections, from occurring. Your dog's fur can become matted without regular grooming and their toenails may become overgrown, particularly if they are a smaller breed and don't require much exercise. When establishing a grooming routine, your dog's breed should be taken into consideration, but their lifestyle and personality are also key considerations. Having a routine in place can prevent problems from developing and keep your dog comfortable, but should you carry out some or all of the grooming yourself? It may be tempting to skip using an experienced groomer, but substandard grooming techniques can cause harm to your dog. Here are a few ways you can harm your dog by grooming them yourself:

Skin Irritation

If you wash your dog with the wrong shampoo for their skin, bathe them much more than is required or don't manage to rinse all of the shampoo off them, their skin can become irritated pretty quickly. This irritation causes discomfort and can lead to hair loss and bacterial infection if your dog begins scratching themselves. The irritation tends to occur due to your dog's natural oils being stripped from their skin and fur, and they may require a course of antibiotics or anti-inflammatories to recover from significant skin irritation.

Poor Temperature Regulation

A set of clippers and a comb aren't all you need when you decide to give your dog a haircut. You also need to know about the specific needs of the breed you have, as your dog's coat plays an important role in protecting them from the elements. Some dogs will experience heatstroke if their coat isn't kept short enough, while others will experience a patchy regrowth of fur that's been cut too short, as the elements can damage their hair follicles. When regrowth is patchy, your dog may struggle to stay warm in colder temperatures.

Risk Of Ear Infections

Many dogs will struggle and fight against being bathed, and if you're not used to this when bathing your dog, you could get soap and water in their ears. Damp ears can be breeding grounds for bacteria, and dogs with floppy ears are at an increased risk of developing an ear infection when their ears get wet, as it can take longer for their ears to dry out. Ear infections are painful and can cause your dog to shake their head, rub their face on furniture repeatedly and become withdrawn. Your dog will require antibiotics if they get an ear infection.

As you can see, there are several ways grooming your dog yourself can go wrong, so it may be best left to the professionals. If you're new to using a dog groomer, your vet may be able to recommend someone local with a good reputation. 

For more info about pet grooming, contact a local professional. 


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Veterinary Care for Animals Planning Overseas Journeys

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