Veterinary Care for Animals Planning Overseas Journeys

Veterinary Care for Animals Planning Overseas Journeys

Essential Tips When Choosing a Pet Grooming Spa

by Sophie Knight

There are approximately 29 million pets in Australia, with dogs accounting for about 40% of all household pets. While many people prefer grooming their dogs at home, it is advisable to have them professionally groomed. It saves you time and energy and also helps maintain your pet's health. Moreover, professional groomers have the right tools for the job, ensuring that your dog gets the best service possible. However, choosing the right service provider can be challenging with pet grooming spas cropping up in major cities. This article explores tips for choosing the right grooming spa for your furry friend.

Range of Grooming Services 

The first thing you should look at when looking for pet grooming services is the range of services offered. Pet grooming is not just about washing, shampooing and brushing fur. It encompasses many other services like nail clipping, ear cleaning, gland expression, breed-specific haircuts, massages, facials and dental care. The idea is to find a grooming spa that offers a wide range of services. An all-inclusive spa is easy on your pet because they will leave the facility feeling clean and happy, two things you want in a pet.

Well-Trained Groomers 

The last thing you want in a pet grooming spa is unqualified groomers. Just because someone sells pet grooming products does not mean they can handle a dog or cat. A professionally trained pet groomer understands the grooming process as well as handling pets. Besides, professional training teaches groomers patience, which they can apply when dealing with stressed pets. The best part is that identifying well-trained groomers is easy because you look at how they handle your pet and grooming equipment. For instance, they should be cheerful when grooming your dog because pets pick up the energy of a handler. Therefore, if a groomer does not express enthusiasm, your dog will pick the negative energy and become restless. An experienced and well-trained groomer also knows how to use grooming tools carefully to prevent injuries.

Strict Vaccination Policy 

When looking for a grooming spa, think about your dog's health. For example, some pet grooming tools are sharp, and accidents -- such as cuts -- can occur. Therefore, if a pet has not been vaccinated, other pets become exposed to diseases. In this regard, a good grooming spa must have strict policies on vaccination. For instance, certain spas require pet owners to show proof of updated vaccinations to receive grooming services. Such policies are designed to keep all pets in the spa safe and healthy.

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